A New Perspective on the “TO DO” List:

There is an old adage about a woman looking in the mirror before she goes out and removing one piece of jewelry. Another maxim is the one–in, one–out rule, which is when an individual brings a new item home, one item must be removed.  What do both of these having in common?  They help us when we have too much “stuff”, which can result in clutter in a person’s life.

Taking this idea one step further, many people find that they commit themselves to too many activities or tasks.  Does it really have to be work, and family, and friends, and exercise, etc. (not to mention and MS)?  For most people all of the “ANDS” become impossible to manage at some point.

Learning to say “no” and find your own personal limits is a lot like the tip about removing one item of jewelry. Sometimes we get into the mindset that more is better, until we are forced to learn that less can sometimes be just as good. Now obviously, there are many things which are non-negotiable and you can’t choose to say “no” to those.  So maybe focus on the ones in life you can say “no” to.

Take a look at your schedule for the week, or even just the day. Look at all the things you promised yourself to do and then see if there is maybe even just one thing you can take out.  If you did would it give you more time to enjoy or appreciate (or even just deal with) everything else you have going on?

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I am the Manager of Client Services at MSAA and hold a Masters Degree in Social Work from Georgia State University. I currently have a LSW licensure in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I am the mother of two beautiful children and also the owner of a tortoiseshell cat and a cocker spaniel.


  • alex says:

    I am very disappointed
    One day i would paralyzed
    Its the final of ms
    Help me plz

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