Is that Spring around the corner?

As we say goodbye to the shortest month of the year some parts of the country will begin to transition seasons. In particular parts of the country, it actually starts warming up to give milder spring like temperatures. While spring is considered a temperate and pleasant time by most, in some areas there may even be a few uncomfortably warm days.

This year, prepare early and get your cooling vest before those too warm (or in the summer, downright HOT) days arrive!  MSAA offers a program which provides free cooling vests and accessories to eligible individuals. Now is the perfect time to contact MSAA before the busy cooling season begins.You can learn more about how to apply for cooling at the following link:


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I am the Manager of Client Services at MSAA and hold a Masters Degree in Social Work from Georgia State University. I currently have a LSW licensure in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I am the mother of two beautiful children and also the owner of a tortoiseshell cat and a cocker spaniel.

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