Voting Continues for Thanksgiving!

Vote for your favorite Thanksgiving card in our Thanksgiving Card Election Poll

Vote for your favorite Thanksgiving card in our Thanksgiving Card Election Poll

Help Elect the Most-Popular Thanksgiving Card!

The polls have reopened! We hope that everyone was able to vote during our nation’s elections on Tuesday, but the voting continues at MSAA! We have six online Thanksgiving Card candidates (shown below), all vying for the top spot as MSAA’s most-popular Thanksgiving Card for 2012. Once the election is over and the votes are tallied, we’ll know which card is the top choice to email to friends and family to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

To vote for your favorite online card design, please visit our Thanksgiving Card Election Poll (or go to

We had so much fun selecting last year’s winner, the “Turkey Cupcake” card, and we hope to have an even better turnout at the polls for 2012!

Please vote for your favorite Thanksgiving Card today!

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Team MSAA for the Marine Corps Marathon


On a chilly Sunday morning with the threat of Hurricane Sandy on the horizon, 23,515 runners embarked on the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) on October 28, 2012. In the group of 23,515 runners were eight members of Team MSAA, running on behalf of the multiple sclerosis community. These eight runners, dedicated the past six months to training and preparing for the grueling 26.2 mile course, which started at the Pentagon and went through some of the most historic sites in the nation’s capital. Team MSAA for the MCM, raised almost $9,000 in support of MSAA’s mission of enriching the quality of life of everyone affected by MS. Team MSAA was comprised of individuals from across the country. You can read about them by visiting the Team MSAA page and I encourage you to do so, as their personal stories are very inspiring!

Thank you Team MSAA!  You did great work!

Here are a few pictures from race day!

Team MSAA members Joel and Shari get ready to start the 37th annual Marine Corps Marathon

Runners are getting ready to start the Marine Corps Marathon

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Getting Involved

“To reach a port, we must sail—Sail, not tie at anchor—Sail, not drift.”

– Franklin Roosevelt

  “The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.”

– Henry Ward Beecher

I remember when I was young and in school, there were always opportunities to get involved in something. Whether it was a sport or club, kids signed up to do almost anything, sometimes to get out of class, or just because it was a way to become a part of something outside of themselves. School was the entity that brought opportunities (although sometimes these were mandatory) for us to do good deeds; community service projects or some type of fundraiser to get involved with. I remember one year in school we had to go out Christmas caroling for canned goods, and though we couldn’t really hold a note, we actually collected a lot of cans! I was young but I still remember feeling good that we were able to accomplish something. But when we grow up and school is no longer the governing body that presents the opportunities to get involved, how can we still be a part of something greater than ourselves?

Nowadays there are so many ways for people to get involved. There are fundraisers, programs, events and activities for so many causes that allow people to be exposed to ways in which they can become a part of something bigger. I realize that sometimes there is hardly enough time in the day to accomplish what you set out to do, but why not become involved in something that isn’t expected? Do something that differs from your normal day to day routine and you have the opportunity to experience the sense of being part of something greater just by getting involved…

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