Recovering from the Holidays

I still can’t believe it’s almost 2013! I hope everyone is having a wonderful (relaxing) time during the Holidays. I know that I’ve been extremely busy, but I make it a point to relax when I need to. During the Holidays, even though it can be stressful, I really do enjoy myself. For me, I spend my time enjoying the company of my family and friends and focus less on things I “should” be doing.

After the Holiday festivities are over, I don’t rush to my “to-do list”… Even if I haven’t done a lot of physical activities during the Holidays, it can still be a stressful, but wonderful, time. I have found that just relaxing completely and having ME time has helped a lot when it is time to get back in to the swing of things.

I read a lot post-Holidays. This helps me to feel less stressed.

Clear your brain, enjoy all of the presents you received, go grab a Holiday Starbucks Coffee and enjoy what you have in your life, no matter the circumstances! Yeah, I know we have MS & there isn’t anything we can do about it. Sometimes I get aggravated and angry and depressed, when my MS interferes with things I want or need to do but I won’t let it control me 24/7/365!

Talk to you next year!

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  • Grandma says:

    Hi Ashley, I have a friend that has MS and has had it for 11 years. I have just met her and I am a little confused on MS verses maybe her not wanting to do things. I am not sure why she is so confined to the couch. I thought maybe you could help me out. She had a Spout where she was paralized from the waist down not sure when that happened. Her legs tremble when she walks and is in a wheel chair alot of the time. I have taken her to the dr twice and she has received pain medications. I guess my question is, is the medication nessasary and wondering if she could be doing more like taking care of her house, exercise or does ms keep you down .

    • mweisser says:

      Thank you for your comment. Fatigue is a symptom which is commonly experienced by individuals with MS. It and other physical symptoms of MS can fluctuate from day-to-day in terms of severity level and impacts on activities of daily living; therefore, a person may be able to accomplish a particular task on one day but not another, or may “overdo” activities and experience more severe fatigue or other symptoms as a result. The following article on Fatigue may provide some further helpful information on MS related fatigue:

      If our Client Services team can provide any further information please feel free to email us at or call our Helpline at 1-800-532-7667 x 154.

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