Love Your Pet Day

Many people who have pets will admit that they do not need an excuse to give their pet extra attention and a little pampering, but did you know that there is a National Love Your Pet Day coming up on February 20th?

Having a pet or any kind of animal companion can offer a variety of benefits to anyone.  Whether you are cuddling with a furry family member, or confiding your fears and frustrations to an attentive animal, our pets can reduce our stress levels, providing both physical and mental relief.  Who hasn’t come home after a long day with a desire to just say hello to your pet, give them a pat on the head, or a belly rub?  We can vent our frustrations and acknowledge the things that make us nervous and anxious to our pets, without fear of being judged for our thoughts. They support us without ever needing to actually speak back to us.

As some of our My MSAA Community members have said about their pets:

“Gidget is waiting for me every time I come home.  No matter where I’m at she finds me.  She is wagging from head to tail. I swear she knows when I’m sick because she follows me around like my little shadow.”

“My dog Razor has seen me through 5 ops in 5 years, never left my side.”

“My little kitty girl, Tux, is my daytime companion.  She follows me around and sometimes even rides on the back of my chair.  We like to sit in the sun and watch the birds in the trees in the backyard.”

Our pets are often considered an extension of our family and can easily be considered a care partner for many of us when we aren’t feeling our best.  How has your pet been there for you?

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  • Pamela Houser says:

    Recently, my 70# yellow Labrador was awesome. I was having an Excellent and Productive day….by noon. I had cleaned my bathroom, kitchen, and made banana bread from scratch…I was starting lunch and preparing myself for the Senior Community Coffee Klatche. The community organizer came to the door came and asked if I’d host and prepare the coffee for the Klatche at 1:30. I eagerly said a brisk and confident, “Yes!” Well, I did all of it, and by the time I got home, I took my trusty furry friend outside for a walk, which turned out to be a quick potty break. My dog before going out, took one good look at me with a reserved expression. We went out and she went about 6′, turned around and dashed to patio door, we walked back in and took the coats off and shoes, she immediately walked me to my recliner-stood up against me-and placed me in my chair with a bark and growl. I stood up telling her I had things to do..,she AGAIN gently stood up against me and pushed me in my chair, deep growl and hmmph. So I stayed in my chair, fell asleep for 2 hrs and when I awoke, I couldn’t move. Literally, I couldn’t move. I cried wondering what I could do supper. Within 5 minutes, my pastors wife ce to my door with chicken tortellini soup…not knowing my condition. My service dog has done things like this before. Even reminds me to take medicines I have forgotten to take (yes, twice).

  • Deitra Ryan says:

    I’ve had MS since 1997. Long journey , but i thank the Lord for each day I have. I thank Him even more for sending me my Pomeranian, Sugarbear!! She recently had to be put down. She was 2 wks shy if her 14th birthday. Miss more then words can express, but she was an absolute gem for me. My baby wasn’t a service dog, but she knew me so well. Whenever I walked her , she always wanted for me if I had to slow down. MS affects my hips and legs, so my gait is much different now. If I have to take stairs, my baby would go up 3 steps and wait for me to get behind her. When she made it to the top, she would wait. When I had flare ups and couldn’t get around, my baby would stay in bed with me and lay across my legs. When I had a seizure, she would lick my hands and lay in my lap until it passed. She would lick my tears every time and just lay on my chest to comfort me. She was an awesome blessing and I’m missing her so much. I have a new baby now. She’s not quite the same, but she does comfort me when I cry. Lol…she’s starting out great. I just wanted to share with others…never take fur babies for granted. They definitely serve a purpose. Be blessed my friends and know that you may have MS but MS doesn’t have you. Be blessed!

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