November 2017 Artist of the Month: Celebrating the Work of Artists Affected by Multiple Sclerosis

MSAA is very proud to present our 2017-18 Art Showcase – celebrating the work of artists affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

We have received many wonderful submissions from across the country and are delighted to share their work and their stories with you. Please visit our online gallery to view all of the new submissions.

Laura Patchen – Pittsford, NY
Hurd Orchards
Laura Patchen - Hurd Orchards

About the Artist:
“I have been diagnosed with MS since 1998, and stopped working because of it in 2005. I began painting around 2010, looking for something to do that would make me feel like I had accomplished something. I enjoy painting immensely. It gives me joy and reminds me of places I’ve visited.

One of the wonderful things about painting is that when I become tired, I can put it aside and go back to it another day when I have more energy. I know that eventually, I will finish what I’ve started – it just might take me a little bit longer than I’d like.”
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