Thanks Mom…

She brought you into this world. She changed diapers, fed you, and most importantly, coddled you when you needed it most. She watched you grow up; through years of school plays, sports games, dances and recitals. She held your hand to keep you safe. She offered a shoulder to cry on when things didn’t go right. She gave advice and words of wisdom, even when it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. She could be tough at times but only to help keep you in line. She always seemed to know when you were lying or trying to hide something. She listened to your stories, goals and hopes for the future. She tried to be a role model in hopes that one day you would offer the same guidance to your children. She raised you to take advantage of opportunities and make your own mark on the world, similar to the one she made by bringing you into it.

So this Mother’s Day, think of the things she did to help you grow and learn in order to become the person you are today. Maybe it was not a mother but with the help of a grandmother, an aunt, or a sister that you were able to grow surrounded by such care and devotion. Remember these moments of influence and care and not just on Mother’s Day, but every day. And remember to say “thank you.”

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I am a Client Services Specialist here at MSAA. I hold both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Counseling from schools outside of the Philadelphia area. I love reading, music, movies, and writing. And one of my most favorite places I've traveled to is Disney World!

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