All About You!

By Doug Ankerman

All About You - 60 Seconds to Make Yourself BetterAlmost a month into 2019 and thank God all the chatter about resolutions and fresh starts is winding down.

The reason my undies are in a bunch about this topic is because resolutions fail and fresh starts, though better, are often postponed.

Sally’s resolution to “lose 40 pounds this year” is too drastic. Too big in scope. She needs to break it down in smaller chunks. Instead of 40 pounds in a year, a more realistic, more attainable goal is losing one or two pounds a week.

Meanwhile, Bob making a “fresh start this Monday” often gets pushed ahead till “next Monday” after a misstep during taco night.

You gotta make your goals reachable. Break ’em up into smaller bits to give you a better chance of success.

My plan is to make this “All About You.”

Starting small, you are going to make this “All About You” for the next 60 seconds.

For the next 60 seconds you will do something, ANYTHING to improve your well-being. Whether you get up, walk to the kitchen and back. Stand and touch your toes. If you are seated, move your arms like a windmill for 60 seconds. Reach for the ceiling. Wiggle your feet and ankles. Make funny faces. Floss your teeth. Read aloud. Anything.

Go ahead. Do it. I’ll wait.

(60 seconds later)

See, you accomplished something positive! Feels good doesn’t it?

Next hour do it again. All about you for 60 seconds. Practice your handwriting. Grab some peanuts instead of a cookie. Compliment someone. Smile.

You can do anything to improve yourself inside and out.

Small steps. Sixty seconds worth. All about you. Several times a day.

Make it a habit and soon you’ll see changes.

Your mood will brighten. You’ll sit up taller. Be prouder. More positive.

Others will notice too.

Look, you may have multiple sclerosis and a whole suitcase of unpleasant stuff that comes with it. But you still have a lot. Much more than others. You also have a lot to give.

So take sixty seconds to make yourself better.

It’s all about you.

*Doug writes about MS & other funny stuff on his blog at

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