Getting Lost in the Story

There are several types of art forms that speak to individuals very uniquely. Each of us can find ourselves inspired by diverse, artistic expressions and sometimes easily relate our story to what’s being told through art.

I myself have always been inspired by books. Since I was little I loved to read and found myself constantly being pulled to different stories. I’m amazed by how many different approaches to writing there can be and how storytellers can make you feel like you are a part of their story.

I’ll admit that I like to read to escape things sometimes. When life is feeling particularly heavy and overwhelming I like to get lost in others’ stories. It may be a common coping mechanism that others engage in too.

What’s funny is that while my intention is to escape my life for a bit in the story, I always unintentionally find some element I can relate to and acquire a valuable lesson from. So, the result is me trying to approach or look at something in a way I hadn’t before and discovering new things about myself, which can be eye-opening.

I love the written word of art because there are so many variations of it. Different styles of writing, different topics, categories, and ideas. You know a story is good when you’re able to turn off the world around you and get lost in the author’s world. When you can see and experience the setting, their environment, the characters’ appearance, the sights, smells and sounds of the tale. When you can breeze through the pages and lose complete track of time. These are elements that make a great story.

It doesn’t matter the form of artistry you’re interested in but more so what you feel and experience from the process. What you can learn about yourself or others and what can open your mind to new things. What fascinates you, what brings joy and excitement and further curiosity. These are the pieces that matter most.

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