Growing Pains

When you become a parent, it feels like you are running on a racetrack. Rushing to doctor’s appointments, having to take time off work when they are sick, driving them to activities, non-stop cooking and huge piles of laundry seem like never-ending tasks. As they grow older, it is a whole new ball game. There is a different type of challenge for each phase from infancy to adulthood. Let’s admit it, some days it may feel like you are losing your mind with the stress.

Soon a time will come when those little hands aren’t little anymore. The hugs that you once shared will be just hi-s and bye-s in the hallway. Kids will have their own schedules and social circles to hang out with. It won’t be long before this chaos and madness is just a mere memory, and your home is filled with silence.

Even though at times parenthood may feel overwhelmingly exhausting, there will be times when it feels emotionally exhilarating as well, so let’s remember to live in the present and soak it all in before these golden moments are gone. Take time to laugh and be silly with your kids. Keep that phone away and talk to them. Read that story for the umpteenth time. Cook their favorite meals. Surprise them. Decorate for holidays together. Go for vacations and build memories to last a lifetime. When it is the right time, let them go and soar like eagles. Till then hold onto them a little tighter and savor the moments.

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