Holiday Hope and Faith in Humanity

"Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing." Holiday Hope and Faith in HumanityThis is a quote from one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies, The Santa Clause. When I heard the quote again this week watching the movie for the millionth time, it got me thinking. What does this really mean? For purposes of the movie plot they’re talking about it in terms of jolly old St. Nicholas and the happenings at the North Pole. But I started to think of it in terms of everyday life and the beliefs and hope we sometimes tend to lose sight of as we grow older.

All year long there is good and kindness seen in the world but there’s something about the holiday season in particular that inspires more hope and faith in humanity. Sometimes this can’t always be seen but you have to continue believing in it. Believing in the good in people – that deep down each person has the ability to be kind, respectful and caring. Having faith that if you believe long and hard enough that this goodness will transpire.

When we were children we held an innocence about us that let us always see the good and hope in things. We believed in magic and wonders and only questioned out of curiosity, not constant skepticism. As adults we turn doubtful and lose some of this childhood innocence. We think we need to grow up. That we can’t bring silly childish expectations into our adult life. But this is wrong. Holding onto beliefs and hopes and dreams is crucial and necessary, especially as we grow older. And if we try hard enough to continue believing in one another and that the world can be good and that hope can prevail, we should be able to see it too.

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