It’s Fall, Y’all

I know I know… the diehard summer enthusiasts are screaming at their screen “fall begins on September 22nd not September 1st, not September 12th… September 22nd!” To which I say, when Starbucks brings out the PSL, it’s officially fall. But I digress… Fall is the season of harvest, of reaping the hard work that comes from busy seasons of planting and tending. It’s the last hurrah before plunging into winter… which if last winter is any indication could last straight into next summer. As we approach fall I challenge you to not think of it as an ending, a destination of sorts. Instead, think of this Autumn as the perfect opportunity to start something.

Yes I know, we talk about getting started often. But that’s just because if you are anything like me there’s still a good deal still left on your proverbial “To Do” list. There’s the books left unread, the repairs left un-started, the unfinished scholarship/grant/business plan/program proposal (stop me if any of this sounds familiar) still sitting on the desk just waiting for you to start. Is there something that you have been meaning to do since June and have put off in favor of the tomorrows?

You aren’t alone. I bought several books off my Prime list with the intent to read them this summer. It happens to everyone, well almost everyone. We have the best of intentions of what we are going to do. Then one thing or another pushed them to the backburner as we forge ahead with life. But what if we (yes, you and me) made a pact that before the month of September is out we would get started. Get started on the project, budget, book list, house list, social list, health list that we’ve been putting off till tomorrow.

It starts with a plan… you know the old adage “A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail” or something like that. So take out your tablet, your laptop, your post it notes, your calendar or you bullet journal and fancy pens you bought to start journaling with (yea… that was part of my Prime list purchases this summer also) and make your plan! What one thing are you going to start with BEFORE September 30th?! Comment or email over and share yours! Research has shown time and time again that sharing your goal makes you more likely to fulfill it. So, what’s yours…Fall begins

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