School is in the Air

By Lauren Kovacs

Here it comes! Cooler weather (hopefully) and the munchkins go back to school, as fall arrives. Smell the crispy leaves (or not) and hear the silence. It also means for many of us, no help.

Most of us are masters at adaptation. Embrace the struggle, as best you can. Put on your creative thinking caps and take notes. We can do it. Be innovative.

My three helpers started school and their learning also means my learning. On days the walker is not good, I scoot. I have a low shelf in my pantry with my gluten free stuff. I scoot there and eat. Not glamorous, but getting into a chair at the table is hard on those days.

When my older two get home about 2:45, I have a big healthy snack. Lunch is a heavy snack depending on my mobility that day. If I can get up before my youngest or my hubby leave, they get me food. If not, yogurt stored on the lowest fridge shelf or overnight oats.

I have the house phone and my cell with me at all times. I have a diabetic son and I need to be ready. Books, the TV remote, water and anything else are in my walker or on the coffee table.

My ”go-fors” are now in class. I must rely on myself. The dog comes down for an occasional belly rub. He can’t help me physically, but he gives me love. He really loves me, if I have cheese or any food really.

I have a long 50 foot leash in my walker, in case he needs to tinkle on every blade of grass. Always be prepared. I have Boy Scouts. I don’t do dirt, but I have retained some things.

Have a plan. School supply shopping stinks. We get what we can at the dollar store and all else at Walmart. The younger one has a list to follow. The older two pick out their own supplies.

Plan how you will eat, too. Order stuff online. Groceries can be picked up with online ordering. Easy open food is a must. The last thing we need is a bleeding cut from trying to open food.

I can’t do fire or sharp things. Thankfully one of the boys likes to cook. I sit at the table and direct. I know he won’t starve to death in college. His horizons will go beyond cold pizza.

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