Let Humor In

I think we can agree that life is very serious a lot of the time. We all encounter situations or predicaments that require much thoughtful attention and focus, and many moments that elicit extremely strong feelings that can get overwhelming. Life can shell out some pretty unpredictable obstacles and experiences and it’s hard not to feel overcome and bogged down with the heaviness of it. That’s why it’s so important to reap the benefits of positivity, especially humor, when we can. Because dealing with illness, loss, and change can be physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting we have to find and take advantage of moments of joy in between.

Humor is just one piece of positivity that can influence life and the day-to-day but its impact can be substantial. We often hear from clients that they use humor to help stay optimistic and that laughter can sometimes help them through difficult times. Using different coping methods with challenging circumstances can be hard – it’s not easy to change approach or attitude. For some it may be easy to find humor but for others it may not be so. Everyone’s situations will be different but incorporating some type of positive influence like humor can help in building character strength and broadening approaches to dealing with difficult experiences. By letting humor in you let a little light in too.

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