Little Things

By Doug Ankerman

Time management?  When one has multiple sclerosis?

Good one!

That’s like asking if you would rather walk on broken glass…or hot coals?

You see, I HAVE the time.  I no longer work and my obligations are few, so time is no prob-lemmo.  Management, on the other hand, well that’s where MS fudges things up. 

Because despite all my pre-planning, organization and visual run-throughs, I am always behind.  Or so it seems.

Always longest in the shower.  Pokiest to get dressed.  Last to the car.

Trying my darndest, MS is the speedbump I struggle stepping over.

But there is a bright side as there are little things I do (and you can too) to improve time management.

For instance my car keys are always found on the same hook.  My wallet & glasses in the same cubby.  I put my shoes in the same place.  And if not in my pocket, my cellphone rests on the counter.

Oh sure this behavior may seem a bit extreme—but it is a huge time saver when getting out the door.  Plus, it conserves boo-koo energy avoiding a frantic last-minute search.

Look, your nerves are frazzled enough as it is.  Take some serious noggin-time to think about your lifestyle.  What can be done to make your daily activities easier?  How can you streamline your habits?  And smooth out life’s little hiccups?

Take note of what you find and put it into action.  Do it every day.  Soon, you’ll notice things begin to flow easier.  With less stress & aggravation.

Grateful to no end, you’ll thank me & shower me with cash.  (Who am I kidding-you won’t do BOTH, so just send cash)

Time management, when broken down to simple terms, becomes little changes added together yielding big results…even WITH multiple sclerosis.

Doug writes silly stuff about MS and other topics on his humor blog at

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