Passing The Time With Some Classics

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect people and places all around the world, many of us are still staying at home and socially distancing from others. This has provided some people with more time they wouldn’t normally have at home. And honestly, a little boredom can come with that too. By staying home we’re doing our part to flatten the curve of the virus, which is great, but maybe just a little different from what we’re used to. So, trying to find things to do with this time can be tricky for some—but it brings opportunity as well.

Being given time that a routine or schedule didn’t allow before feels different. It’s strange but its also created the chance to do things we typically wouldn’t make time for. We might not be able to see it now or believe it because of the circumstances, but I think there are things we’ll appreciate and be grateful for as a result of this. Not taking things for granted and treasuring special moments will be the embodiment of what future days bring.

So, what have you been doing to keep busy these last several weeks? Some folks are cleaning out clutter and organizing spaces they haven’t had a chance to get to. Others are crafting, cooking or baking to pass the time. Puzzles and games have never gotten so much attention. I like the idea of catching up on classic books or older movies. It’s easy to binge watch things these days and fall down the rabbit hole that is Netflix but watching something out of the norm can be fun too. I’ve never seen Casablanca and I haven’t read Little Women— #goals.

There’s been a lot of darkness and fear in the world lately so it’s important to grab and hold tight onto moments of light where you can find them. If you’re able to continue activities you enjoy, while staying safe under current guidelines, then do so. Also, think about what you always wanted to do or try but didn’t have time for. Delve into things you consider classics-old movies, books, games, whatever it may be. Trying to stay positive and making the most of our time is all we can do.

Stay safe and well!



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