Starting New Holiday Traditions

Ah, the holidays. It feels like they came around mighty fast this year—even quicker than years past in my opinion. My husband and I will spend this holiday season in a new home and with that comes the possibilities of new holiday traditions. I look back fondly with love and joy at traditions my family engaged in this time of year. I want to re-create those meaningful and festive times and also create new memories for years to come. Well, let’s just say that’s always my intention.

One tradition my family carried out when we were young was to open one gift on Christmas Eve. The gift was always a set of Christmas pajamas to wear that same night. This thrilled us! We knew what was coming but we were so excited having this opportunity to sneak a gift early! So, I’ve recreated this tradition with my husband. While he is very grateful and appreciates the sentiment, it’s a miss on the ecstatic, crazed childhood excitement reaction. 0 for 1.

Next up on the list of traditions I’ve started is reading the story “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve. Now you have to picture the scene-as this is done with just myself and my husband before we go to sleep. No kiddos, just us—with this large bound version of the book with colorful pictures and all. We alternate years reading it to one another because I’ve made my husband take his turn to engage him more. I do voices and all. He lovingly rolls his eyes. 0 for 2.

The last tradition I’ve brought to our household is leaving milk and cookies out for Santa. That’s right, the big guy. And that’s right, no kiddos just yet, it’s just me and the hubby. Now I know the true reality of this. But I will continue to believe in all things magical of the holiday season and more. I am a big kid, through and through. This is another my husband just cannot wrap his head around. He doesn’t get why I just don’t eat the cookies straight from the container as usual. I explain they’re for ‘Santa.’ 0 for 3.

Traditions, old or new, can be wonderful. It’s important to make them your own and that they’re things to look forward to. I tease, but my husband really is great. He indulges me in these traditions and things I like because he knows they’re meaningful to me. Looking forward to making new memories and traditions this year and to more loving eyerolls, LOL.

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