Summer… Is That You?!?

With the end of the longest winter in history outside of Westeros (I see you Game of Thrones Fans) we turn our attention to sunshine and warmer days. And with those warmer days comes vacation season. Not that you are not allowed to take a vacation at other times during the year but the summer months tend to be high points for packing up and taking off to places away from home. But there is something to be said for vacationing right in your own home town. Each city and hamlet across the land has activities and happenings that only occur during the summer months. Music festivals and art shows, community days and food festivals all converge on the summer. While not a trip far away to some remote island, taking time to enjoy the places and things right in your hometown can be a great getaway from the norm.

To take part in some of these happenings one can check local community websites for events that range from Shakespeare in the Park to Hot Air Balloon spotting and some of The Best Seafood around. But why stop there. In the name of delving into your hometown offerings, you could also take this summer to stack hands with others in your community to make a difference or even to just meet some New Friends. Nothing says your summer has to involve spending tons of money to travel for a vacation far away (not that there is anything wrong with that if it’s what you have planned) but there is something to be said for intentionally getting into the festivities in your own backyard. You may be surprised at what you find. There could be a new hobby, favorite dive bar, story from history you didn’t know or new friend out there just waiting for you to show up. The summer is a great time to try new things and give yourself permission to shop around. And don’t worry, if you are unable to find your perfect new past time this summer. Have fun trying a couple out and take heart… the fall brings a whole new crop of activities!

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