Summer Jumble

By Doug Ankerman

You made it!  You are halfway through summer without a hitch.  Okay well, beside searing your thighs on the hot lawn chair, you made it.

Here are a few pointers to get your through the rest of the season…

Hit The Floor

Doug summer blog On the Floor

You don’t need a gym membership to exercise.  Just get down on the floor (carpeted, by the way).  Roll around.  Lift your legs.  Flail your arms.  Sit up.  Twist side to side.  Push yourself up, over and get back down again.  How you move doesn’t matter—just move!  You’ll give yourself the perfect all-body workout without leaving the house.

Those Old Shoes

Doug summer blog shoes

Gonna pitch those old, worn-out pair of shoes?  Don’t!  Keep them to wear as your “sliders.”  “Sliders” are shoes with smooth, worn soles.  Perfect to glide over any surface.  Perfect for those with foot drop.  And excellent shoes to wear when you take a healthy stroll.

Speaking of which, the best place to scuttle your pegs is at the local high school track.  Your community track is usually open, accessible, smooth and flat.  On the track you won’t need to worry about cracks, bumps, tree roots or other toe-grabbing obstacles.  Ready?  Slip on your sliders and let’s go!

Roll The Dough

Doug summer blog rolling pinAfter all that exercise it’s time to ease those achy muscles.  So just grab the rolling pin from the kitchen and roll out the tension in your body.  A rolling pin dissolves muscle knots & tension like lumps in bread dough.  And no flour needed!

You got this summer, no problem.  Be safe.  Be smart.  And thumb your nose at multiple sclerosis.


Try this as a quick pick-me-up:

After showering but before you shut off the water, turn the temp cooler (cold as comfortable).  Let the cool water chill those MS-ravaged nerve endings.  It only takes a minute and you’ll feel recharged & reenergized from the usual post-shower exhaustion.  A cool rinse also helps quiet your skin’s MS creepy-crawly feelings.

Happy summer!

*Doug writes about MS and other stuff on his humor blog at

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