The Trying Game

By Lauren Kovacs

Well, summer has exploded like a bad firework. The dreaded heat has washed us ashore and left us feeling wrung out. Exhaustion is our needy, constant companion on the beach, while the ship parties.

I am right there with ya. Feeling left out seems to engulf my summers. That ship stranded me on the desert island called MS. Even in my chair, wet noodle syndrome hangs around.

All I can say is do your best, even if it is small compared to others. We know how hard it is. I once had a neurologist tell me things for us are three to five times harder.

Any cooling stuff helps. I personally have particular items that help. Cold drinks and frozen treats help me. You can have a smoothie with just frozen fruit and add stuff you need like protein powder, prune juice, or baby spinach. Yogurts are great for probiotics. I try and use full fat yogurt to aid in weight gain.

I swear by wearing sandals. Cool feet seem to be a good weapon against the heat. I like ones that cover my toes. Ugly unpolished nails are not my thing. I reject showing my hobbit feet. I can’t polish my own toes, so they are in life-long toe jail.

A/C is always a plus too. Stay inside when you can. Personally, the kickbacks from heat are not always worth being social. Being an introvert, I have leveled up and embraced my inner hermit. Just me and the A/C. 20 minutes in the heat means my guts are cooking, fatigue rages, and other MS things. Nothing good comes from boiling yourself. A/C, cold drinks or frozen treats, and sandals may not bring the party ship ashore, but it may help anchor the ship closer. Try and mingle; however, if you can’t reach the ship, you know you tried. We know trying does not always produce what we want. Others usually want to see you try, but we know it does not guarantee success. Our win is trying.

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  • Basit says:

    Hello How are you all
    I’m Ms patient since 2014. My Ms diagnosed in 2016.
    I want to support in Ms
    Anyone help me hear

  • Doug Ankerman says:

    I love posts from Lauren Kovacs…so spot-on descriptive!!
    Well done!

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