There is No Timeline for Taking Care of Yourself

By Diana Cruz

It’s the start of a new year; a fresh new calendar with 12 empty months waiting to be filled with the dates of all your dream vacations and the goals that are itching to be accomplished. Although it is a great time to kick start your journey of new beginnings and aspirations, it is not necessary to associate the new year with restarting.  

If you are in the midst of figuring out what you want out of life, it is okay to take your time in continuing to do so. Enjoying the journey of trial and error is what allows for a more positive experience and long-lasting results. I encourage you to take your time in pursuing your dreams and being patient in figuring out what that looks like for you.  

Self-reflection, healing, and growth are all processes that require immense energy, a desire for positive change, and a timeline individualized to the person undergoing the transition. There is no right or wrong time to set positive expectations for yourself, and there should certainly not be pressure to do so at a specific time. Setting unrealistic expectations on a forced schedule will usually lead to a lack of genuine motivation and eventually, a sense of failure when the goals have not been accomplished. As someone who needs to thoroughly think of all aspects involved to be mentally prepared for a new endeavor, I am typically unsuccessful in accomplishing a goal that I set for myself because I felt pressured to do so. Your goals should be handled carefully and with grace as they are typically paramount to one’s happiness and quality of life.  Goals and objectives cannot fully be met until one’s mental health is prioritized and able to receive the good that is coming.  

Regardless of when you start that thing you’ve been putting off, or when you are able to afford to go on that trip you’ve been looking forward to, remember that it will be an accomplishment regardless of the timing. Take some time to write down your goals, think about your dreams, and prepare yourself to tackle them. This year offers 365 chances to start. Do what makes you happy when it will make you happy.  

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  • Joel Peña says:

    There’s no better way to start the New Year resolution the way you described it. Inspiring, beautiful, positive and amazingly just like yourself. Keep striving and never look back. God bless!

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