Tiny Pursuits Of Happiness

Having a hobby is great way for anyone to disengage themselves from their regular routine and derive purpose and meaning from life. Investing your time and energy in an activity that helps you unwind can do wonders for your heart, mind, and soul.

A fun activity that gets me all excited is trying out new recipes. In today’s world, social media is flooded with a gazillion ways on how to make a dish. Besides running to the grocery store to hunt for all the ingredients, it is just the mere excitement of how it might turn out. At the end of it all, it brings the family together, and we get to enjoy a meal that may not be perfect but is cooked with oodles of love.

A hobby that I recently got hooked on is DIY Diamond paintings. With some light music playing in the background, I work my way as I seat the itsy-bitsy beads with my drill pen onto the canvas. It is an intricate craft that takes a lot of patience and perseverance to finish, but in a nutshell, it helps me to relax and is a complete de-stresser.

Spring is when the inner gardener in me emerges. Come spring, I am out in my yard planting seeds in my vegetable patch. Tending and nurturing them, and then the joy of seeing them thrive fills me with a sense of inner fulfillment and lifts my spirits when I feel low.

What you do in your spare time does not matter as long as you find it worthwhile. So just like me, go on a journey of discovering yourself and what you consider meaningful.

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