Tips for De-Stressing and Unwinding

By: Diana Cruz

As the month of April comes to an end, I’d like to take a moment to honor National Stress Awareness Month by reflecting on a few of the everyday steps that can be taken to cater to mental health. Lately, it’s been feeling as if life has really been taking its toll. With the most fragile aspects at hand including health and wellness, as well as work, personal obligations, family matters, and planning for the future, it can feel nearly impossible to handle it all – especially in a manner that allows for space for unwinding and enjoyment. Luckily, I’ve taken some time to write down a few tips that have really allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident with moving forward successfully.

  • Plan in a way that allows for accountability. Planning can take various forms: vision boards, to-do lists, a color-coded calendar and so much more. Plan and write down your goals in a way that is inspiring to you. Personally, I am a fan of writing down to-do lists every day (except for the days that I purposely intend to take a break). Creating a to-do list for the day allows me to be realistic with what can actually get accomplished in one day, while also giving me a sense of satisfaction once items get crossed off.
  • Take mental health days. Taking a day off for yourself can be very de-stressing as it allows you to take a step away from reality to focus on an aspect that may be in need of some pampering – your emotional and mental well-being. Mental health days can look however you want them to. Whether it’s staying in bed and catching up on some sleep, going out and trying a new activity, or treating yourself to some shopping or self-care, a mental health day is meant to make you feel refreshed and ready to continue on your everyday journey.
  • Surround yourself with people that make you feel happy and at ease. Your circle of friends and family can have a large impact on your mood and emotional state. Being around people whom you can wholeheartedly trust, speak with candidly, and who allow you to be yourself with no judgment, are gifts. Cherish those who support and celebrate you, as these are the individuals who can make any hard day a worthwhile one.   
  • Remember that the “little things” are not little whatsoever. We may take things like a rainy day or canceled plans as a negative, but these things can easily be turned into a positive experience – maybe even something that your mind will thank you for. Is it raining outside? Take the day to relax indoors with your favorite TV show, movie, and snack. Did plans unexpectedly get canceled? Do something with and for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do. Take yourself out for lunch or for a nature walk. You may feel more connected with yourself and find that you found your new favorite de-stressing activity.

De-stressing tactics are not a one-size-fits-all by any means. Allow yourself to try new things and you may be surprised at the outcome. Most importantly – do what is true to you and what makes you feel the most content.

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Hello! My name is Diana Cruz and I am the Manager of Public Relations and Engagement at MSAA. I received my Bachelor of Science in Communication with a specialization in Advertising and Promotions from Southern Connecticut State University. I also hold a CT Real Estate Salesperson license and own a party and event planning business with my two sisters. In my free time, I love doing escape rooms, visiting new places (restaurants, museums, etc.), watching movies, and laughing with my family and friends.

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