Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

Oh the weather outside is frightful… But not as frightening as the fact that Christmas is just 48 days away (48!). If you are anything like me you will get your shopping done roughly 48 hours to 1 week before Christmas. I don’t know if it’s the worry of finding the right gift or the rush of mall insanity that makes last minute shopping a favorite past time. Or if it’s the fact that Amazon Prime same-day delivery has essentially made last minute shopping a sport.

This year, it feels like there’s so much uncertainty in many areas of our lives and the stressors of the holiday season are fast approaching. Here are three ways to keep yourself from what I call Holiday Season Stress Overload, or HSSO (no it’s not a real thing).

  1. Make your list and check it twice. I know it’s nice to get your family, friends, favorite nurse, the admin at the office, your pharmacist, and your mail carrier a gift for the holidays. You want them to know you are thankful for them and spread a little cheer. All well and good, but this year cut your list down. Thank the people in your life by sending them heartfelt cards or spend a little bit of time speaking with them to tell them what they mean to you.
  2. Get creative. You don’t always have to buy gifts to show appreciation for your loved ones. Host a dinner party for your friends. I’ve done it a few years in a row and it’s always well received. Or if you do want to give gifts, pull up your Pinterest page for something crafty for unique gifts that your nearest and dearest will remember and cherish.
  3. Decide now, that it’s going to be ok. Even if things don’t go according to plan, procedure or punctuality, things will be fine. The world will still keep spinning and I’m pretty sure the sun will come out tomorrow (or soon). This is the big one! We spend an awful lot of time planning and preparing and putting together parties to make things just so. And inevitably if something goes askew we blame ourselves or get angry with those around us. This year decide before the holidays even really get started to just let things go. Release yourself from the need for everything to be perfect and just enjoy the season as it rolls out.
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