Turning Over a New Leaf

September knocks on our door and before we know it, the season of change is among us. Autumn arrives with crisper air, vibrant colors and fresh perspective. I’ve always viewed autumn as a transformative season, a time to “turn over a new leaf”- quite literally. Fall arrives with an array of beautiful colors and then eventually they tumble to the ground. Come next spring, the tree’s will be bursting with bright and fresh new leaves. The changing of season to autumn is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf in life and set new goals and embrace change.  

Autumn brings forth mindfulness

The busy summer is now in our rearview mirror and time is starting to slow down. This new season allows for inward thinking, re-evaluating your personal goals and intentions. What do want to accomplish before the year ends? It’s easy to get caught up in the waves of life throughout the year, now is your time to make your dreams a reality.  

Take a break and take a stroll

Take a moment to relax and unwind while being surrounded by the beauty of fall. The colorful leaves, the crisp cool air, and all the pumpkin filled décor. Fall is a great time to relax and de-stress. Mental health is just as important as physical health – take a walk down leaf-filled streets, or just sit outside and breathe in the fresh air. Embrace nature, while also embracing mental clarity.

Look ahead

New season, new plans. With the changing of seasons, our minds shift, and we create new plans. Whether it be a trip that your planning, a healthy diet plan, or maybe just planning your daily routine. First and foremost, what works for you? Maybe it’s journaling and writing down your plan. Incorporate a technique that you’ve found successful in the past. Make a plan and track it!

Fall is the season of change. Let this special time transform you. Take this moment in time to take action and set yourself on a path where you want to be.

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