Where Did I Put Those Keys?

If you are like many people, fall is considered “back to school” time. This is a time where people get back into the swing of things and probably back to a particular routine (i.e. wake up, eat breakfast/feed the family, get dressed, pack lunch, drive or take the bus to school/work, etc.).

Routines appear “easy” in that they are a sequence of events or motions you need to go through to successfully achieve an outcome. Having a routine may seem like second nature, but what happens when you throw something like MS into the mix? You are juggling symptoms, medical information, doctor appointments, AND you are trying to remember to grab your child’s lunch and look for where you may have put your keys! It is a lot for any one person to handle.

So take a minute and think about your day-to-day schedule. What could you break down into some “easy” steps? What could you make routine? Maybe it involves keeping a list of everything on a dry erase board where you can check steps off as you go, or maybe it is a specific hook by the front door where you can always hang your keys. Having a routine may be one simple way to alleviate stress and make managing all of the things you have to keep track of just a little bit easier.

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  • Carolyn Ellis says:

    Just found this site on facebook and I will return to it often. I have had this monster for 15 years. Secondary Progressive and I was wondering if you have chat rooms where we can “VENT” about this monster and it’s effects. I don’t really know anyone who has it and my husband is very caring, but he doesn’t understand the mishmash in my brain somethimes and why I can’t remember sinple things. I guess I just need to talk and have someone understand.



    • mweisser says:

      Thank you for sharing your comment. We are glad you have found our website! Unfortunately, we do not directly offer an online chat forum here at MSAA.

      MSWorld: http://www.msworld.org/ and Patients Like Me: http://www.patientslikeme.com/ both offer online MS Chat forums; however, please note these are public forums which are not affiliated with the MSAA.

      Additionally, you can discuss your circumstances with an MSAA Client Services consultant at 1-800-532-7667 x 154 or through our email at MSquestions@mymsaa.org.

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