Yes, And

As usual, time slipped by me and before I knew it, we were already days into June.

It’s a common enough routine: laughing with colleagues or strangers and saying, “Can you believe it’s June already?” or “I forgot it’s not May!” Usually, this conversation ends with a chuckle, perhaps a little added hustle to catch up on work, but ultimately no trouble.

But there are some months that are just more stressful.

With June being Pride Month, I always feel an added pressure to go ‘out’ and do something, anything, even just attend one of the many local events in my city. My spouse and I are relatively-newly married, I have a great support system, and friends I want to catch up with. Why not go to a huge parade with no parking, hundreds or thousands of people, and high temperatures?

This could be exciting for you, and that’s great!! For me though, it’s 50/50.

But wait, remember how this started? We are already days into June. Even if I wanted the grand pride parade experience, I already missed half the events that took place on the first day of the month.

Okay, I’ll just have to quickly make plans then! Except, well, the weather is so hot on the weekends that I start wilting if I don’t have a shaded spot, and the thought of making and then potentially cancelling plans if I am not feeling up to them on the day, keeps me from making any plans at all.

Do we start to see a spiral pattern happening here?

Whether it’s Pride, or just an overall busy month, the obstacles and inconveniences preventing us from participating and reaching out often overrule our excitement, or even ability, to make plans. This is not to say that those reasons aren’t valid, but based on what I have just written I think we can all assume a Pride Parade wouldn’t be the best option for me. But what if I had taken a different approach? One taught to many children and thespians alike: “Yes, and.”

Yes, I have missed some pride events already, AND there are many more!

Yes, the weather is too hot for me on some days, AND there are indoor options or even outdoor options with guaranteed shading! (I’m thinking Aquariums, Botanical Gardens, Zoos, many that might also have pride events!)

Yes, crowds can be overwhelming, AND I can try to arrive at and/or leave events early.

Yes, parking can be a major hassle, AND I can try and order a rideshare service or taxi instead.

Yes, some days are harder than others, AND… that’s okay.

YES, I can do nothing but spend time with my spouse and dogs this month, AND I can still be proud of who I am.

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My name is Dana Mietus and I am the Social Media Coordinator here at MSAA. I am a graduate of the University of Iowa with a background in music performance and education and I have enjoyed the honor of working for a variety of nonprofits. My free time revolves around my two dogs, but if there’s any time left over I enjoy reading, playing video games, learning a new craft every two months (currently embroidery) and watching sports with my spouse.

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