Art perception

What is it about artwork that catches our attention? Is it the colors? Or maybe the artist’s story. As an art newbie, I don’t have knowledge of the proper technical skills or techniques. I don’t know what makes a piece of art great. I have minimal understanding of the intricacies of painting, but what I do know is how it makes me feel.

As frequently said, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Art is no different; it is subjective to your experience, your emotions, and even your perspective on life at that moment. For example, when I was younger, I used to view The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh as gloomy and dreary; I wasn’t particularly fond of the dark colors and the patterns. I recently looked at the painting again, after years of seeing it for the first time, and I saw it in a different light. I found it thoughtful, meaningful, and even relaxing. Regardless of the artist’s intention when creating it or the interpretation of other people, I found this piece tranquil, and it brought me a sense of inner peace. The view instills a sense of hope for the future, for what’s to come. The blue hues, although dim, remind me of the first light of dawn and how things are ever-changing. It reminds me that a dark night will always be followed by a bright new day full of new possibilities.

Although my interpretation of this painting can be completely different from the original meaning or inspiration of the artist, we interpret art and everything around us based on our own views. What might be dark and gloomy for someone might be viewed as a new and bright beginning for others. Our perception matters.

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