Dealing with Changes in Weather When You’re Living with Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Well, I can honestly tell you that I’m looking forward to the change in weather. Dealing with multiple days of 100+ degree weather is NOT fun.

The heat really bothers my MS, but then again so does weather change in general. I know I’m not the only one… but it’s really hard to deal with the way my MS “acts up” when the weather changes… it’s not something we can control (obviously).

By keeping an eye on the weather forecast, I know what to expect, but I also know that when the weather changes (which it drastically does in the great state of Texas) I need to take it easy. It sometimes feels as if my body is protesting the weather change… it doesn’t help that I have arthritis as well, from being a walking accident most of my life and breaking bones non stop.

I know everyone that lives further north, has a hard time dealing with cool weather, but I don’t have that problem, and I frequently joke on how I want to live in Alaska, or something. Where I wouldn’t have to deal with the constant heat here in Texas!

One way I’ve found to “help” my body’s aches and pains from the weather change is taking an Epsom salt bath. It really helps me relax, and I make sure not to have the water TOO warm. But, it does ease the ache my body gets when the weather is changing.

That’s all I have found that helps a little bit, when dealing with the weather… but I would love to hear how others cope with it.

It’s too bad we couldn’t conquer an Island, and name it MS Island, where it’s a wonderful 70 degrees outside constantly… One can dream 🙂

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  • Tina Dunbar says:

    Thank you for sharing. I spent most of the summer with my aunt that has a swimming pool and three water hose around her house. I love being outside and staying busy but staying cool in the summer is hard to do. My aunt also has MS so it worked out well this summer for the both of us. 🙂

    • Ashley says:

      I’m VERY jealous of the Swimming pool thing!… In a way, I think it’s kinda neat that you have a close relative that you can relate with when it comes to MS. I’m just glad it’s starting to cool down here in Texas 🙂

  • Chris K says:

    I can relate for sure to the weather changes here in NC. I used to look toward to the beach ! Not anymore . If I get overheated my legs go on lockdown, I get crabby because I feel like I’m burning up . One things that helps my MS and heat and cold is a great system my sweet husband got me for my car called the Viper . As the heat skyrockets and I need to get in my car from inside the house and on my iPhone or computer or the toggle that comes with the system I start my car from inside and let the air conditioning cool car before I go out , when I’m in a store I start car and when I get out it is nice and cold. I used to get sick to my stomach when it’s to hot as we’ll . The bonus to this also for my short term memory loss is when I lock the doors it asks me if it wants me to remember the parking spot and when need be I do , it’s an alarm system as well ! I use this all the time . When it gets cold I do the same thing to warm the car up to . Love this and has been one of the best gifts I have ever gotten . Thanks

    • Ashley says:

      Oh wow! Gotta love technology these days! I need to look into this… cause I have those “lovely” leather seats that burn me when I go and sit in them, when it’s really hot outside.

      I really like the idea of the remote control start up… and the remembering the parking spot! That would save me SO many times from wandering around the HOT parking lot…

      Thanks for the info on that! Kudos to your hubby!

  • Susan Tremblay says:

    I live in Massachusetts and deal with the humid heat for a few months. On hot days I don my ice vest which is very helpful in cooling down my core temp. Cool weather is more tolerable even with the aches and pains…Tylenol Arthritis usually takes care of those. I like the idea of the MS Isle with a gentle breeze with temps below 70 deg. and humidity about 50-60%!

    • Ashley says:

      Oh I know! One can dream, right? We just had ALL that MUCH needed rain here in Texas… but the humidity level was at 94%! It was hard to breath being outside…

      I love my “cooling seat pad”… so I can be outside and watch the kids play, while being cool… for the most part. I’m just so glad it’s not over 100 here anymore… ever since that rain… it’s been under 95, which is AMAZING 🙂

  • Tammy Cook says:

    I was diagnosed with MS in April of 2011 so I am new at this. I live in central Indiana. I came home today from work sick, and didn’t really know why. I am glad I read this article because I forget what weather changes does. I have had a flair up with about every season change since I have been diagnosed. I have always loved the heat couldn’t get enough of it, and this summer has been really hard for me. I have two small kids age 5, and 6 and I couldn’t stay outside with them as much this year. I really have no secrets on how to handle the heat or the weather change, but sometimes it’s nice to know that you are not alone. Thanks Ashley

  • Sheila Hatton says:

    I’m a little late to this blog but it’s only since I’ve taken the last month off work (sold our business) that I’m starting to understand what the weather is doing to me. I live in Canada and we have four seasons and anything else nature throws our way and in this month we gone from 35celius hot to 10 celius cool big temp changes and rain thrown in for good effects. What I discovered help is taking two baclofin which is muscle relaxer for bladder problems but seems to work great when my shoulders seize up. Also usually need a 3 hour nap the next day which I finally have the freedom to take. Anyway that’s more info than you asked for just haven’t had a chance to complain for along time. Take care

  • Cheryl M Heide says:

    How can I get a ride to a support group? I just moved to Michigan from Ohio and would like to meet other people who has MS. Help me out please.

  • Teresa says:

    When it’s hot and humid I lock myself in the house. But weather still effects my ms. Does anyone else with ms experience this?

  • goose442 says:

    The cold weather affects me bigtime. I hate the winter!
    goose 442

  • Bushra Akhtar says:

    Hello! Im Bushra from Pakistan.thnx Ashley i feel that im not alone coping with this Ms. The weather is too hot here so im having v hard time. My vision n walking prob is at peak. I like ur idea of separate island where v can stay calm n relax.when ever i got too much prob in walking i cry tgen i get relax. I know this is not the way but i cant find other way. Thnx again Ashley

    • Angel Blair says:

      Hi Bushra, thank you for reaching out to MSAA. I’m sorry to hear of the problems you experience with the weather. This is very common with MS and something you’re definitely not alone with. Trying to keep your body cool with ice packs or cold towels can sometimes help, can you also talk to your doctor about these symptoms too? Crying can be a good release for your emotions to help you relax, and there’s other ways to do this too. Meditation can help, or writing, or talking to others. We have an online peer support community where you can talk to others living with MS. This is called My MSAA Community, On this site you can talk to others who have MS and share stories and experiences and ideas. If you have other questions please feel free to email Thank you for reaching out and take care. Angel, MSAA Client Services Specialist

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