Doing What Makes YOU Feel Good When You Have MS


Multiple sclerosis in itself is a complicated and often unpredictable disease. We here at MSAA hear on a daily basis about some of the trials and tribulations that our clients with MS face. One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned in trying to understand the whirlwind of information provided about MS is to find something that is meaningful to you and to your unique situation. With all of the information available, finding something that will make YOU feel good is a priority.

Through social media, websites, and support groups, information is provided about a number of hints, tips, or things that one person may have done to alleviate their symptom, which is wonderful, but unfortunately may not work for everyone. Not every individual with MS will experience the same symptoms and even for those who may, those symptoms may appear incredibly differently.

The point behind the story and the reason for the title is that everyone has their own needs, and each person understands and knows their body better than anyone else. These experiences and feelings are unique to you and should be treated independently to others’ beliefs and thoughts. Focusing and developing ways that make YOU feel good may help to improve your overall day to day.

Explore yourself; perhaps through journaling you can identify some needs that could be met in order to make you feel good. Guided meditation is another way to explore your inner thoughts and feelings. Sitting in a quiet space with yourself and learning about your body and the way that it feels at any point throughout the day can help to center you and focus on what your body needs.

What can you do for yourself today that will make YOU feel good?

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  • Lisa McCombs says:

    Diagnosed with RRMS in 2001, I am happy to still be mobile and upright. As an author, my method of dealing with MS has been to write about it and I am currently working on a common sense handbook for dealing with multiple sclerosis. I recently discovered this site and and am happy to be able to add one more resource to my list.

  • I have discovered art since my MS has progressed and I could no longer do many of the physical activities I used to do. Playing with beautiful colors makes me happy!

    Thank you to the MSAA for supporting art and for the Artist Showcase. Art is very healing in many ways.

  • Bhav says:

    This was a great article. Feeling good mentally can definitely have a positive effect on how you feel physically.

    What tips would you have for travelling with MS?

    Here are some I have found:

    Do you have any more you can add from your experiences?

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