Getting Organized

Spring is in the air! And do you know what that means? Spring cleaning, UGH! For many of us it’s hard to get into organization mode and try to clean up the clutter that’s accumulated over the year thus far or that’s trickling over from last. But it’s an important task to take on because it really does benefit you in the end. Staying organized helps to maintain order and can result in decreased stress and anxiety.

Life can be so busy and chaotic at times that it’s easy to get side-tracked from keeping things organized. We find it overwhelming to start a project because we’re sure to be distracted by something else that will inevitably pop up. It happens. Life is messy and disorganized in general.

Starting off small can help. Organize a smaller space/area in your home to get the process going. Even beginning with a small pile of paperwork/documents can signal accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be a massive or monumental act at first. You’ll get there. You just need to pace yourself and have patience with it. Easier said than done sometimes.

Consider an area or section of your home that causes anxiety for you when you see or think about its disorganization. Maybe start there, or not—depending on the level of stress and anxiety it causes. Some people may like to try to tackle it head on while others might want to leave this area until last. There’s no right or wrong to the process. It’s about what works for you in the moment. You may have to leave it for a period of time and come back to it. It’s not a race. Organization is a unique task that’s going to be individualized to each person’s needs and situation. Contemplate what would create a more relaxing space for you and build from there.

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