It’s a… Family Tradition

By Lauren Kovacs

Aside from eating lots, being merry, and not worrying about the summer heat, we try and keep some traditions. Napping with a cozy blanket, of course, is a given. As my boys have grown, some Christmas traditions have changed. Some changed for the better, others I miss, and some result in teenage whining.

For a family photo, I have had the boys make a pyramid in front of the tree. Two on bottom with the youngest on top on the backs of he two older two boys. I started this when the youngest was four. Well, he is now 12 and a big guy. Next year the oldest might top the pyramid. The youngest is getting too big to top the pyramid.

The teen ”tudes” of not wanting to humor mom in a cute photo might start a fire. I am worried their eyeballs might roll onto the floor. This year it took 15 minutes to get a picture. I was nice and didn’t make them wear festive hats.

We always have anti-pasta for dinner, after a very crowded mass on Christmas Eve. We still leave cookies for Santa and spread reindeer food. Not sure what our 6th grader believes.

We have always made Christmas ornaments. This is age appropriate, but last year we skipped it. Lots of complaining about how they are too old. Then months later they complained that we didn’t do it. So, this year I found a very “boy” ornament to make and they were complaining again about being too old.

We have “Santa Bear” (like that creepy Elf on the Shelf). We have been doing this for at least ten years. Sadly, I think he is retiring this year. He lost his nose and his paws have had a shift in stuffing.

My husband and two youngest made dozens of Christmas cookies. My oldest ate them in a matter of days. Guess they were good…

We have a tug-of-war with non-electronic type entertainment. Christmas cheer is missing in action. Having three teen boys who “bah humbug” my Christmas efforts only makes me want more traditions. Making cookies and ornaments are boring next to Fortnite, apparently.

Try to keep things as close to normal as possible. No fire or sharp things for me, but I can direct. My siblings called it being bossy. Either way, stuff gets done. I find ways to keep the traditions that I can. Cookies or crafts get done and a well-deserved nap is always worth the effort.

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