Joy in Hobbies 

By Lauren Kovacs

Joy seems to morph. Be open to fluid change. The changes in MS will make you see the ebb and flow. Ride the wave. The current might bring you to a hobby you would never try.

Yah yah, flowery language aside. Embrace the change, people. Try to at least. MS is about trying. Try on many faces until it fits. It is kinda like jeans. You try on several pairs. If your butt looks good, buy them. If you can do it and like it, try it.  But, remember to rest and don’t get hot.

Try a new hobby. If MS changes, try another. If it is not for you, try another. The list is endless. No tests or grades.  Maybe try something outside the box.  

I took up therapeutic horseback riding years ago. I loved it. Horses are like people. They have personalities. They are fun. Stinky, yes, but you get used to it. They shed like dogs too. 

One drooled green slobber, had blue eyes, and was very sweet. He did not like other horses near his butt. Sadly, MS took my core strength and eight years of riding were gone.

Still looking for a new hobby. Patience is part of MS. Waiting to try a new hobby is kinda exciting really. Spin the wheel and see where it lands.   

I did clogging for years, but as most shows were outside, I had to escape the heat. I moved on. Next, was figure skating. A fall with a concussion and that was over.

The being a mom to three boys was my hobby. Going from Thomas the Train to Legos to Star Wars and Marvel were my world, as they grew. Baseball, soccer, and Taekwondo consumed me too.

There are some hobbies I won’t even consider. Spiders or skydiving are never ever on my radar. Nope. Hobbies change. Marvel and Star Wars were not hobbies I chose.  

Some things consume you and you are forced to consider new hobbies. Try them, but don’t embrace them if they are not for you. One of my boys loves camping. Yuck, I don’t do dirt. I love frogs, but even with boys that love is just mine.  

Try new hobbies. Only embrace them if you really like them. With limited energy don’t waste it on hobbies you don’t love. You don’t need the stress of having a hobby you don’t love.

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