Mother: Noun, Adjective, Verb

The word “mother” can suggest various definitions. Being a mother implies embodying the role of a parent or guardian, while the act of mothering implies providing nurture, affection, and comfort. The word “mother,” whether it be the noun, adjective, or verb, captivates endless emotions and interpretations, all individualized to one’s experience.

As an individual who grew up with many female role models, including a beautiful and strong mother who overcame countless adversities, I am endlessly grateful for the role that each one took on to care for, teach, and shape me into the person that I am today. It is through my perspective as the youngest of three girls, and now being a role model to the younger children in the family, that I’ve learned how vital it is to show compassion, support, and love for one another, regardless of our differences. It is because of my experiences, both positive and contrary, that I have learned that proper encouragement, respect, and understanding all play dynamic roles in one’s development. Because of this, I attempt to be as thoughtful as possible with my words and actions, whether directly or indirectly, especially when I am around the little ones in my family. Although I am not a mother myself, my role as an aunt, sister, cousin, and daughter requires me to be respectful and encouraging. Showing both the adults and children in your life how to love themselves, love others, and respect one another is a direct result of what they hear and are shown by the ones they love. Be sure to remind one another of our internal beauty, strength, and resilience.

Being a “mother” comes in so many shapes, forms, hearts, and acts. I thank my sisters, cousins, best friends, previous teachers, and role models for shaping my experiences and for catering to me as a mother would. And of course, to my mom, thank you. My mother has and still does all that she can to care for me and my sisters, regardless of our age.

I say all this to say that although I am inexplicably grateful for my mother and celebrate her every day, I recognize that not everyone has had the privilege of having a mother-like relationship. Nonetheless, I hope that everyone can still develop this type of nurturing and supportive relationship with the important figures in your life.

There are countless women in my life whom I care for and love endlessly, that I currently and intend to continue to support, encourage, and care for. Hold the ones in your life close to you and cherish every moment. This month and always, may we recognize how delicate and beautiful these enriching relationships can be.

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Hello! My name is Diana Cruz and I am the Manager of Public Relations and Engagement at MSAA. I received my Bachelor of Science in Communication with a specialization in Advertising and Promotions from Southern Connecticut State University. I also hold a CT Real Estate Salesperson license and own a party and event planning business with my two sisters. In my free time, I love doing escape rooms, visiting new places (restaurants, museums, etc.), watching movies, and laughing with my family and friends.

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