Needed Now More Than Ever

Stress. One tiny word that packs a big punch. With everything that’s been going on in the world, this little term has been doing its part in wreaking havoc. Maybe it’s not all bad—some stress can be good to help with productivity in certain situations. But overall, stress can really take a toll on the mind and body. And finding ways to reduce stress that works for you may take some time. To be honest, I often find it hard to relax and decompress. Just thinking of ways to try to relax can sometimes be a task. It all comes down to figuring out what helps to quiet your mind and body and coming back to it when its needed.

For some people meditation works. Deep breathing exercises, calming spaces and mindfulness can help to quiet the mind and just focus on the present. This takes some practice and patience. It’s ok if it takes a little time as long as it’s benefiting you in the end. But, if you find that you’re trying these techniques and they’re not really working, don’t force it. Again, this is about trying to relax and destress, not cause more of it for yourself.

Some like to journal and put pen to paper to relax. They can shut out the world and put their thoughts down to help organize and reduce stress. Gratitude journals are popular because it helps put the good things into perspective and bring light to balance out negativity. This requires time and thoughtfulness too. But again, not everyone is a writer and maybe the thought of writing is too much. If it takes too much time and energy, move onto something else.

It’s nice when you’re surprisingly relaxed by something that you didn’t have to give a lot of thought to. That’s the whole point of trying to relax—being able to unwind without expending a lot of energy. This can happen just by listening to music, reading, gardening, crafting, or watching tv. If you’re able to get lost in another world or time, then you know you’ve found an effective way to quiet your world and escape for that moment. It’s important now more than ever to find something that helps you to destress and find peace. As we continue to live with uncertainty and change, relaxation can definitely help.

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