Putting the ‘tude’ in Gratitude, (in a good way)

With the arrival of November, we’re coming to that point in the year where we have ample opportunity to show kindness and gratitude towards others. Yes, there’s no question that this should be done all year round. But the holiday season evokes this notion even more so and individuals really embrace the concept of gratitude.

Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to be grateful. When life feels like its constantly pouring down on you or pelting lemons at your head, it’s a bit challenging to find things to be grateful for. This is normal. It’s only human to feel defeated or resentful when things are rough. However, this is where your attitude and how you respond to things makes all the difference.

Practicing gratitude doesn’t have to manifest through some colossal, monumental gesture. There doesn’t have to be parades, fireworks or confetti thrown about to depict what you’re thankful for. It can be as simple as making a note to yourself of something or someone you’re grateful for today. Even if you’re not grateful for something the entire day, maybe you’re grateful for something in that moment. The great thing is that you get to choose how you process and show this.

It’s all about the ‘tude, as in attitude. The attitudes we have towards things can be positive or negative. We can choose how we react to things and how we perceive them. To be optimistic and look at the bright side and silver lining, or to see only doom and gloom. Having a positive attitude, especially through the dark times, can create room for gratitude. To be able to reflect on the good things that are part of our lives, no matter how big or small, during times of hardship is remarkable. It may not be easy at first and it may take several tries but see what works for you. Keeping a gratitude journal, writing out post-it notes, verbalizing it to others, talking to yourself in the mirror. Take the time to figure out whichever method is best for you to express gratitude. Just be aware of your ‘tude.

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