Sound Advice

By Doug Ankerman

I’m a sound guy. I like to listen (though my wife would disagree). My affinity comes from a long background working in radio. Using words, sound effects and music to evoke emotions – that was my gig. It also helps having ears the size of a satellite dish. And no, I cannot get Direct TV – hardy har har.

Relaxing SoundsSince relaxation is the August theme of MS Conversations, I found it fitting to compile a list of a few relaxing sounds. Many of which you can enjoy (and relax to) by simply opening a window or sitting on your porch. Try it and enjoy!

Birds chirping – (Though not crows. Crows are annoying.)
Rain – I love to sit on the porch when it rains. Also enjoy listening to the rain at bedtime.
Ocean waves -The ultimate relaxer. Give me shade and waves and I’m zonked!
Bacon frying – Must be a guy thing.
Baby laughing – Tons of videos online to enjoy baby sounds.
Highway traffic – I enjoy the steady drone of cars and trucks but I don’t know why.
Murmur of large crowd – Wake me when the show starts!
Luggage wheels – Love the click-clack of luggage wheels at the airport.
Waterfall – Again with the water thing.
Leaves rustling – Give me a breezy day and lots of trees for a good relaxing nap.

Though not so much relaxing, here are a few other sounds that make you feel just as good…

Your number being called at the DMV
Answering phone and it’s NOT a telemarketer
Being told test results/MRI look good
Hearing words “I love you.”

Have I left any out? Please share your favorite sounds with a comment and we’ll add them to the list.

Listen your way to peace and serenity. It’s the cheap and easy way to beat multiple sclerosis!

*An MSer since 1996, Doug writes about MS and other goofy stuff on his humor blog at

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  • Tess says:

    Ironically I’m on my way to DMV appt. lol
    The sound of a good thunderstorm and rain hitting the window.
    The sound of a train in motion and the whistle blowing.

    • Doug A says:

      Agreed about the train. I grew up not far from a track so the sound of a train & whistle is home to me! Thanks for sharing your comment.

  • Tim says:

    I have only had Ms since the end of last year but it is great to hear your enthusiasm keep it up

    • Doug A says:

      Thank you for your comment. Wishing you well as you enter the fray. Don’t let MS get you down. Keep moving, giving it all you got. Loads of help out there if you have questions. We MSers are a motley but tough group!

  • Brenda says:

    Hearing someone say “Good Job” somehow I found that once I was diagnosed with MS I became not a person any longer to everyone I knew. All I hear now is criticism and judgement topped with a healthy dose of outrite abuse. Why now that I have to struggle so hard to do things can nobody see how badly I need to hear someone say that I’ve done well when I have? Instead I hear how I should be telling others how great they are. When you treat me like garbage why should I praise you. Am I crazy? I’m still a person. Just because I don’t whine and complain about everything doesn’t mean it’s all a okay.

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