Remaining Resourceful Through Community Support

It can be overwhelming managing doctor’s appointments, bills, medications, and all the many responsibilities that come with managing multiple sclerosis. However, prioritizing and strategizing tasks can help manage the stressors of it all to not feel so daunting.

First, prioritize the necessities. I like to think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs when feeling overwhelmed with what needs to be prioritized. Food, necessary medications, rent/mortgage, and basic utilities always come first.

Budgeting can be helpful in determining exactly where every penny goes and see what is left over each month. Involving your household in budgeting is a great way for everyone to stay motivated and on the same page.

Belongingness and love are necessary for all humans. We need interaction and support from others.  This level of needs is so important that it is prioritized right above our core needs of food, water, and safety. Regular interactions and connection with others in our community can help us stay motivated and feel supported. Groups, events, and meetings will strength community ties and allow for meaningful connections, while working towards a common goal.

There are resources available to help with your needs, whether it be financial, emotional or any type of support. Living with multiple sclerosis can be overwhelming and requires resilience and adaptability. However, by being proactive and utilizing available tools and community resources, you can have support and not face the challenges alone.

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