Resolve to Try New Things in 2020… Maybe

By Lauren Kovacs

We all want a “new me” in 2020. Most MSers got a lump of coal from Santa when it came to MS. Fear not. We are warriors. Everyday for us is new.

Instead of making big New Year’s resolutions that are too big and often ridiculous, make small attainable ones. Do stuff you can do. Don’t try stuff you know you can’t do. New Year’s is daily for us.

Say it with me, “small.” I often get dressed on the floor and I take that opportunity to pump out some crunches. Some days 50 is on tap and others I struggle to getting to 10. It is a lot either way for that day. Everyday is new. Resolve to do what you can each new day.

Try something new, but don’t stress about it. If you can’t or you don’t like it, stop. I hate peas and Lima beans, so I don’t eat them, even if that nastiness is good for me. Most times you can decide what is good for you. Choking down peas or Lima beans was not worth the benefit. You know what is good for you and what you can tolerate.

Try something new, if you can tolerate it. Small daily resolutions work better for most MSers. Maybe a few leg lifts while on the couch or torso twists while on the toilet. Don’t push yourself. Too much often means failure. All those “gang-ho” folks at the gym after New Years are mostly going to vanish. Their goals were unattainable.

Be reasonable. If I can’t tie my shoes in a reasonable amount of time, I wear shoes without traditional laces. Yes, I get mad and I was raised by a sailor, so a few bad words come out. I have been known to throw shoes in frustration. Thankfully MS took my softball arm so, the dog and windows are safe.

Small goals are good. Others may scoff at getting out of the shower safely, but we all know this is a goal for many MSers. Trying an adult coloring book may seem lame to some, but some MSers want to try something new.

One person’s ease is another’s goal. Try to set attainable goals. Listen to your body. One day you can and another you can’t. If MS tries to steer the boat, try another way then. Don’t berate yourself, if you just can’t. Trying once is more than most. One push up is often more than most do.

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