Roll in Fall

Fall is a wonder of its own. One gets to enjoy the significant drop in the temperatures which is a wonderful respite from the sweltering heat in the past months. The kids are settled in their schools by now after the long summer break. It is also the season when daylight savings ends, and we fall in the cycle of shorter days and longer nights. College football is officially on and in full swing.

The varying shades of the colorful foliage are not only a refreshing sight for the eyes, but it also reflects on our moods by bringing out positive feelings, thoughts and emotions. It is a great time to experience the beauty of nature and breathe the fresh air. It is a great time to sit in front of a warm bonfire sipping apple cider and roasting marshmallows.

Most importantly, it is the season of the pumpkin. Be it pie, doughnuts, spiced latte or scented candles, pumpkins are at the forefront of every household. It is also the fun season when porches are decorated with Jack O Lanterns and kids get to carve pumpkins and go “trick or treating” for Halloween. Fall also brings forth the wonderful tradition of Thanksgiving which is marked by a time to reflect and express gratitude to friends, family and the community.

Change is beautiful and this change in scenery and weather is most certainly welcomed, appreciated and loved by all. Hail Fall!

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