Running on Empty

Have you ever been in a car which has run out of gas? If you haven’t, the car slows… you may coast a bit, but quickly movement putters out. For many people with MS, fatigue can be much the same, one minute you are moving around and then suddenly the momentum changes and your energy level drops. For some people, they may even feel that to take one more step or motion is too much and may need to immediately sit or rest.

In a car there is a gauge which shows you when the gas tank may be getting low, people are not so easy to read. Some people may even feel as though the internal gauge is broken.

So, what can you do to try and prevent your engine from stopping?

Some quick energy conservation tips:

  • Listen to your body
  • Plan for your day (try not to plan too much)
  • If you can, try to schedule rest breaks into your day or activity
  • Talk to your doctor about your experience

For more in depth information on MS Fatigue see the following link:

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