Sneaky Alternatives

By Lauren Kovacs

Alternative approaches to MS are pretty personal. Many of us will try just about anything to add to our medication routine. Short of crazy stuff like putting fried eggs on my eyes or sleeping with spiders, I am guilty of trying lots of alternatives.

Some things might help some. I heard massage is great, but it turns me into a sleepy blob. Too relaxed? As if I don’t already fight the fatigue monster 24/7, massages rubs me into a sloth. Not for me.

I personally find that Turmeric helps. I don’t like the taste so, I will not add it to my food. I take it as a supplement instead. I also am sure to run stuff by my neurologist. She knows I don’t like taking lots of medication and I will try other ways. Natural combat is my preferred fighting style.

Omega 3 is big, but I don’t eat enough fish so, again I take it as a supplement. I like a good slab of meat and fish is not always on the menu. With three sons, “man-food” is more welcomed in my house. I do try snacking on things like walnuts to get more Omega 3. I like almonds in Almond Joy form. No one is perfect.

Exploring alternatives is always good. I tend to research things to death. I enjoy reading about the “why” something might help. Different strokes for different folks.

Be open to trying new stuff. Make sure you are comfortable with it. You want to embrace something and not just quickly hug it. If it does not help you, you have to be able to move on. I had a medication work very well, but five months in I had to stop.

Be open, but be ready to shut the door too. I love massages, yet the Jell-O effect was not worth it. I tried it a few times and slammed the door on that alternative. Just be flexible and a skeptic too. Research and read.

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  • Nancy says:

    This page is a wonderful find for me. Twenty-three years into MS(RRMS), now on Tysabri. I like to know of, and to practice alternative ways to help myself live well with this autoimmune condition.

    Thank you.

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