The Changes

By Lauren Kovacs

I was blessed that I went years without big changes. By the time my youngest was in  second grade, I had to use a cane and a walker a few months later. The change snake bit me again a few years later.

A wheelchair became my new fashion accessory. I like crazy shoes so, I applied that to my assistant devices. My chair is purple. I call it my rolling grape. I had to make a small statement.

I was okay with the change of needing more assistance; however, the next change that bit me next did not go over well. It festered for months. I needed to battle the shoe fights. Some days I spent a lot of time putting shoes on. Tying laces was a joke.

I spent days on the internet searching Velcro shoes. I refused the white old lady bricks or princesses, glitter, and lights. I was considering “blinging” the old lady ones out (I have small feet).  I was gonna wear them on shoe fight days. Then a light bulb went off.

Back in the day I rode skateboards. Many of the kids wore a certain kind of sneaker. That brand made Velcro sneakers. Did they still make those? I checked and they did. I ordered a pair. I would only wear them if I spent too much time having shoe fights.

The trick is to go with the flow and tweak. I tried hooking my bra in front and spinning it around. Bra fights were happening. Thus, I switched to sports bras, for example.

We only live once. Adapt to change. I looked at those shoes as defeat, but I am still here. Find a way to be you. Never give up. Our ego is badly bruised, I know. Heal that ego by making changes fun.

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