And The Beat Goes On…

We are a just a few months shy of seeing the end to 2020, and I don’t know that that’s necessarily a bad thing. To say that we’ve encountered our fair share of change this year is a massive understatement. The entire world shifted, and we essentially had to alter how we live and interact with one another. It was a change we didn’t see coming, but one that we had to adjust to quickly. We were given no choice and had to modify our day to day and try to make the best of an unpredictable and uncertain situation. Not unlike receiving a diagnosis of MS. Change occurs but accepting it can be a process.

When change happens quickly, we don’t have the time to plan for it and consider its effects. We get thrown into it unexpectedly at times and then must work through it. This looks different for everyone. Accepting change doesn’t have a specific formula that can be followed step by step. It’s messy and unique and sometimes, resented. Why should someone have to accept something they didn’t want or ask for. This is where you find what works for you and what helps you to move forward. Because unfortunately time will march on, and life moves ahead at an infinite speed.

Understanding that there will be stages and ups and downs when faced with change is crucial. After experiencing a loss, receiving a diagnosis, or facing some other unforeseen obstacle, acceptance isn’t always at the forefront. And even if a change happens gradually, that doesn’t mean you’ll continuously accept it. Even if you may have been fortunate enough to have time to accept and prepare for it, there can still be days where you question and deny things. It’s part of our cycle of thoughts and emotions as human beings. What’s most important is finding what’s going to help you move ahead to work through the change and keep tempo with the beat that goes on.

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