Ways to Keep Busy at Home

Being forced to stay home and practice social distancing has been an interesting experience, to say the least. It is going to be 3 months that we have been staying at home, and I can tell you that now I have found about a million things in my house that need to be fixed, repaired, or just plain updated. Yes, I am being overly dramatic, but you get the point. This stay-at-home period has definitely inspired me to take on some lofty DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects since we have limited options right now as to what we can do and where we can go. Aside from home projects, here are some ideas I came up with if you are looking for ways to keep busy at home:

  • Reorganize your closet (set aside a bag for items you might want to donate)
  • Play video games (even though the computer cheats sometimes)
  • Put some music on and sing into the remote – American(’s are quarantining) Idol style!
  • Read a book you’ve always wanted to read but never had the time to read before
  • Start a gratitude journal (what are you thankful for?)
  • Watch a TV series from episode 1 (My favorite thing on this list!)
  • Spruce up your yard with some gardening (planting some pretty flowers and getting vitamin D is a double win!)
  • Take up baking or cooking (Wait…What is that burnt smell?! LOL!)
  • Exercise at home with some fun exercise videos on Youtube (Zumba? Yes, Please!)

There are so many things you can do to stay busy and active from the comfort of your own home. Try using this moment to take advantage of the extra free time you have at home, and do something you were too busy to do before. Remember to have fun and stay safe my friends!

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