Finding Calm

By Lauren Kovacs

Minus some bad ideas, let’s cope with being stuck. Exploring new things can eat up time, no calories. I know the fridge and I are now best  friends.

Try to find ways to keep busy. Read, put yourself in a “show hole” by watching something or do some yoga.

I take my scooter out and one of my sons walks with me around our neighborhood. Fresh air and Vitamin D does a body good. Soon it will be hot enough to melt an iceberg so, I enjoy the weather now.

I like to read, but it does make me sleepy. Getting lost in a good book is always good. If I can stay awake, while reading, it allows me to analyze what I read. Good mental exercise.

I play word games on my phone and that is also good mental exercise. My day does not all revolve around MS, however; I love crime shows. I do also love silence and watching the birds on the feeder. Granted, not exciting.

My boys are teens now and not into crafts anymore. The dog is old and sleeps a lot, plus hubby is working from home. Lots of time alone with a full house.

I watch things that I might have never have considered. I never would have seen the woodpecker, had I not watched the bird feeder. I like learning new stuff. I have recently gotten cozy with The History Channel.

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