What Helps You Relax?

I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a bit of a high-strung person. It’s hard for me to relax sometimes. I assume it’s because of my A-type personality that constantly has me on-the-go and anxious about even the littlest things. Even when I think I’m relaxing; my mind is still going a mile a minute thinking of anything and everything. I find it’s worse as I’m getting older.

I’ve always envied those who seem to relax easily. Now I’m making assumptions for some who may appear relaxed but have tons of things on their mind like I do. But for those who can truly kick back and unwind I wish I could do the same.

My husband is one who can turn things off and just veg-out and shut thoughts down when his body needs a break. It’s hard to find time in the chaos of the day to day to do this—but when it’s possible, I suppose it can be done. People have all types of ways they choose to relax—this is not a one size fits all system and shouldn’t be. Exercising, meditating, reading, writing; spending time doing things you enjoy are just some ways to relax when the mind and body need a break.

Though I find it hard, when I do force myself to unwind, I like to read. I have to be in the mood but if I find a good story that helps. I also like being outside and watching a good show or movie. When life gets heavy it’s important to make time for things you enjoy and love doing. It doesn’t matter what it is but that it gets you in a place where you can relax and slow things down. You deserve to unwind and find some joy!

What do YOU do to help you relax?

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  • Hilde Geeraert says:

    I try to go swimming every day to relax. Meeting some friends, enjoying some art or music also helps or traveling.

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