A Wish List

Getting diagnosed with MS can be scary and overwhelming. Not knowing what lies on the road ahead of you can be very frustrating. MS being an unpredictable disease comes with its own set of twists and turns as symptoms can highly vary from individual to individual. Here are some things I wish people knew about MS:

  • An individual with MS goes through a lot of challenges daily. Simple activities like showering, meal prep, washing dishes, etc. can seem like daunting tasks.
  • MS can make one feel isolated and lonely especially if one doesn’t have a strong support system. There might be some days when fatigue is ruthless, those are the times when individuals going through MS might need someone to just listen and maybe extend a helping hand.
  • The price of medications is skyrocketing every year. Many are not able to continue their treatment regimens as they find it difficult to afford them.
  • Medications cannot cure the disease, just slow the progression.

For those who have family or friends going through MS, learn about MS and its symptoms so that you can support and empathize with them in their time of need. For those who are newly embarking on this journey, know that you are not alone. Even though you may face hiccups along the way, MS organizations like MSAA can support you by providing valuable resources. MSAA also has a peer-to-peer online forum through the “My MSAA Community” where individuals with MS can communicate, support, and uphold each other as they navigate through the bumps on their unique MS journeys. The next time you meet someone who has MS, provide reassurance and kindness because that will make all the difference.

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