By Doug Ankerman

I’m not a betting man but if you have multiple sclerosis, odds are in your favor you suffer from foot drop.  Foot drop is that draggy, MS hex where your foot never seems to clear the floor for a normal step. It hinders your balance and can make you prone to falls.

The most popular way to beat foot drop is wearing an ankle foot orthotic or AFO.

AFO’s aren’t cheap (what medical device is?), so it would seem an AFO should have more uses than just preventing foot drop.

That’s where I come in.

After much research, here are some other ways your AFO can help around the house…

Strap your AFO to the bathroom grab bar for use as a handy-dandy shower caddy…

An AFO that doubles as a shower caddy by Doug Ankerman

In the kitchen, your AFO doubles as a carbon-fiber egg flipper…

An AFO that is doubling as an egg flipper by Doug Ankerman

Tired of holding the book as you read? Simply flip your AFO over to use as a lap desk…

An AFO used as a lap desk by Doug Ankerman

Don’t let an AFO keep you from the party! By holding your favorite ice-cold can or bottled beverage, an AFO keeps your finger dry & comfortable!…

An AFO being used as a cold canned beverage holder by Doug Ankerman

Your AFO works in the yard as well! Use it to pluck nasty weeds from the flowerbed. It also makes a fine pooper-scooper…

An AFO being used comedically to scoop up pet waste by Doug Ankerman

Finally, after a busy day (and a good scrubbing), strap that AFO to your upper arm making a convenient head rest for a revitalizing afternoon nap…

An AFO being used as a head rest by a napping Doug Ankerman

Today’s AFO is more than just worn on your leg. Use your imagination and let an AFO help you move through this MS life with ease!

Doug writes goofy stuff about MS and other topics on his humor blog at

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