Bring it On

By Doug Ankerman

As a MSer, I’m not one for change. Change brings uncertainty, anxiety and undue stress that my tattered nerves don’t need. But this change in season, I welcome.

Welcome the Change in SeasonI LOVE fall. And so does my multiple sclerosis. Cooler temps. Tolerable humidity. And stable barometric pressure that isn’t bouncing up and down like a super-ball off a tile floor. (All factors that give MS a tizzy-fit.)

The past summer’s record-breaking heat and humidity made my feet feel as heavy as anvils. Like wearing wet mops for shoes. Like walking through a room knee-deep in egg noodles.

The conditions left my legs stiff as boards. I lurched about like Frankenstein and it was nowhere near Halloween.

That is why I am so happy for fall. Fall makes me feel alive. Refreshed. Renewed.

Extinct energy levels reappear. Thoughts clear. Eyes focus.

A collective “Phew!” can be heard and felt.

Who knows. Whether it’s psychological, physiological or even pathological, fall is the change I need. You too?

Whatever the change in season means to you, take it as a fresh start. Do something different to improve both you and your MS. Shake it up. Throw MS a curveball. Move. Stretch. Read a book. Do math problems. (Yeah, you heard me.) Make your body and brain do something it hasn’t done in a while. Clear away those cobwebs.

You have a whole new season to enjoy. Don’t waste a moment!

Click that red X at the top of the screen and let’s get star…

*Doug writes about MS & other funny stuff on his blog at Also on  And on Twitter @myoddsock.

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